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We at Atlantic Marine Recovery have been performing marine repos for over 30 years. Our highly trained and professional staff have recovered over 3,000 vessels ranging from two thousand dollar John boats all the way up to multi-million dollar pleasure yachts.  We have successfully repossessed boats as far north as Canada and and far South as the Carribean Islands.  If it's in the Atlantic, we will find and recover it for you.


Atlantic Marine Recovery is a full service marine recovery company; our capabilities include:

Water Repo

Water-based Boat Repossession (own power)

Whether by duplicate key or ignition bypass, our professional recovery staff can usually recover your collateral via its own power.

Water Repo Tow

Water-based Boat Repossession (towed by boat)

When neccesary we can also recover your vessel with one of our tow or tug boats.

Land Repo

Land-based Boat Repossession (towed by truck)

We have several teams of land-based recovery agents that specialize in trailered vessel recovery.

Air Repo

Air-based Boat Repossession (lifted by crane)

A few clever debtors thought they had us beat by fencing in their boats. When you can't tow it out, you lift it out!


Captains & Recovery Agents

Recovery agents and USCG captains group photo

We have 5 Licensed USCG Captains and 15 licensed and bonded recovery agents with a combined 200+ years of professional recovery experience.


Tow Boats

Tow boat in Atlantic

We have four tow boats in our fleet.

Tug Boat

Our Tug Boat

For our largest vessels we even have our own tug which can handle boats in excess of 100ft.

Travel Lifts

travel lifts for moving larger repossessed boats

We have two 50 ton travel lifts which are capable of moving vessels up to 75ft. in length.

Fork Lifts

forklifts for moving repossessed boats

We have four 30,000lb. forklifts on premises which can accomodate boats up to 40ft. in length.